All American Pressure Canner 921

All American Pressure Canner 921

All American Pressure Cooker/ Canner 921 21 1/2 Quart

If you are searching for one of the safest methods for home canning of produce such as fish, vegetables, meat and poultry then the All American pressure canner is a sound choice. The  All American has the ability to prepare large amounts of produce in a very short time and the heat that is produced within is at such a temperature that any bacteria will be eliminated  compared to using a standard water bath.

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Pressure cookers made by the All American company are precision engineered and boost a metal to metal system to ensure no leaks whilst in operation. The lid is sealed thanks to clamping locks that fix securely and align to the units base to form a steam tight seal. The lid can always be easily opened and closed without the fear of sticking because no gasket is used in the process. The pressure cooker itself is manufactured from cast aluminum. It has the capacity to hold seven quart jars or nineteen pint jars. Fitted with a pressure setting regulator that has 3 settings you  will always be able to get a clear reading.

all american pressure canner 921


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All American Pressure Cooker/ Canner 921 21 1/2 Quart Details

  • Made of strong heavy duty cast aluminum.
  • A Bakelite top handle that is guaranteed to stay cool to the touch
  • Geared steam gauge
  • Fitted with an automatic venting system for added safety
  • The  regulator displays pressure settings of 5, 10 and 15 psi
  • Satin finish which is smooth and easy to keep clean
  • No Gaskets
  • Dimensions-Height is 15-3/8” Internal diameter is 12 ¼”
  • Made in the USA

All American Pressure Cooker/ Canner 921 21 1/2 Quart

Here at BPReviews we searched the web thoroughly to find some of the comments and feedback given by real customers that own the  All American and  can report that after finding over 100 reviews it scored an average of 4.8 stars out of 5 which is very commendable.

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Pros: Many people commented on the fact that no gasket is required with this pressure cooker, which means in the long run you do not have to search around endlessly for a replacement when it succumbs to fatigue, not to mention the cost to your pocket. Some have owned for years without any problems. Capacity allows for  large amounts to be cooked quickly( 2 chickens at a time) one customer said that 2 full rabbits can be cooked in 30 mins. Easy to use, clear instruction manual with cooking times comes as standard.

Cons: Across the board the one comment that kept coming up was the weight of the pressure cooker, especially when full can be difficult to handle. All American actually warn that this is larger than most standard burners and because of the weight you should avoid placing it upon glass or ceramic hot plates. If you take this into consideration you should be fine.

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In summary the All American, although large is considered to be one of the best available. It is strong, durable and simple to operate. With the added bonus of not having a gasket that may fail at the most inappropriate moment you can be assured that if taken care of it should provide years of trouble free cooking and canning.  So if you are looking for a large capacity pressure cooker we have no problem recommending this model, and best of all it’s American made.

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