Best Presto Pressure Cooker

Best Presto Pressure Cooker


32 seconds ago. Best Presto Pressure Cooker. If your into pressure cooking or canning then the Presto 1781 is an ideal choice for the home user. The USDA only advises pressure canning as a safe method for low acid produce like vegetables, meats, and poultry. The Presto Pressure Cooker is a professionally made unit constructed from high quality heavy duty aluminum. Featuring stay cool handles for added safety and a strong lock steel lid for security. To keep canning jars off the bottom of the pot an accompanying rack is included, this allow the water to circulate freely under the jars.

best presto pressure cooker

The lid locks in to place and has an inner sealing ring to maintain the pressure and stop the steam from escaping. So you can see what the pressure is withing the pressure cooker there is a very easy to read dial mounted on the lid so you can also maintain the required pressure for the produce you are cooking. There is also for safety a over pressure release valve to prevent any excessive build up.

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The great advantages of using a pressure cooker to prepare meals over the normal methods are numerous. Not only can you save up to 70% off the cooking time which is fantastic if you are in a rush, which most of us are these days, but when you cook in this method you are also unconsciously giving yourself and your loved ones a more healthy diet. It has been shown that pressure cooking keeps the most important vitamins and minerals within the food, so nutritionally you are better off.

If you are new to the world of pressure cooking or canning then to help you get started their is an introductry booklet that contains over 50 recipes. These range from basic soup stocks right through to stews and pot roasts,not forgetting puddings such as English Plum Pudding and Brown Bread. Easily learn how to tenderize pork or beef, cook fish chicken and veg more quickly whilst still maintaining the moisture we all love.

To keep your Presto Pressure Cooker in the best condition possible it is recommended to use nonabrasive cleansers. Take note that the lid should not be immersed in water when cleaning, and the ring used to seal the cooker should be removed so you can clean under the rim each and every time it is used.

The Presto has a large capacity of 23 quarts. It can hold 7 quart, 20 pints or 24 1/2 pint jars inside.

There are detailed guidelines that come included to help when cleaning things like the gauges as these need care and are delicate. The vent can be cleaned using a small brush or pipe cleaner. The pressure cooker does come with a 12 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Presto Pressure Cooker Product Description

  • Large 23 quart pressure cooker/canner capable of holding 20 pint jars or 7 quart jars
  • Made with strong/durable heavy duty aluminum that will not rust or warp
  • Can be used on a range of stoves from regular to smooth top ranges
  • Air vent/cover lock will only let a build up of pressure when the lid is locked in to place properly
  • Gauges are easy to read, over pressure valve to prevent excessive pressure build up
  • Recipe book is included with over 50 fabulous recipes to get you going

Presto Pressure Cooker Reviews

This is a very popular pressure cooker canner as we found  nearly 350 reviews online during our research. It actually scored 4.6 stars out of 5 which is very good considering the amount of reviews left.

Here are some of the comments left –

“This is a fantastic way to cook or can your food, you can even use a s a water bath as well. Great for steaming shrimp & scallops. Good size, pleased i decided to go with this one instead of a smaller model. You won’t be disappointed.”

“The Presto is heavy and well built. Worked great right out of the box thanks to the easy to understand instruction included. Used it a few times now and so far all has gone smoothly without incident. Perfect for the home canner enthusiast at a price much less than many.”

On the negative side a few customers noted that the gauge gave out after some time and you have to bear in mind that you may have to replace the seal periodically, but the majority of the customers were very happy with their purchase and the large amount of positive reviews reflects that.

So in summary if you are looking for a good size unit to help feed your family quickly and healthily, or are into canning your foods on a grand scale then the Presto Pressure Cooker will suit your needs very well.

Amazon currently have this model a great discount of 32% off with free delivery, so grab yourself a bargain.


Best Pressure Cooker Reviews

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